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Aesthetic Wooton

Aesthetic Wooton

Victorian  Woonton style patent desk, Mahogany executed in the Aesthetic taste having two hinged doors, the shaped gallery top above the two door case opening to reveal  fitted interior and rising on Acanthus decorated feet.  The center door retaining a label, "W.B. Moses and Sons, Washington, D.C. overlaying another label which lists cabinet work, "J. Mueller.  W.B. Moses furniture retailer, furnished the U S Senate Recption Room in 1899 as well as other U S Government buildings.

Ogden L. Mills (1884-1937) served as Secretary of the Treasury under

Herbert Hoover. Mills was the grandson of Darius Ogden Mills (1825-1910) 

who was a Gold Rush adventurer and prominent California Banker, founding

the Bank of California. Provenance: Darius Ogden Mills Estate, Millbrae.


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